Windows Live Mail

Client interface for accessing all of your mail accounts


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  • Category Email
  • Program license Free
  • Version 2012 16.4.3522
  • Size 1.2 MB
  • Works under: Windows XP
  • Program available in English

Windows Live Mail Desktop lets you check your email without signing in every time, or even opening your web browser. It's also one of the few email clients that will let you check multiple email accounts.

Though some people use just one email address, others use separate addresses for different purposes. You might use one to stay in touch with family and friends, another for your online accounts, and a third for work or professional reasons. Checking those emails every day can take more time than you would like and leave you wishing you had fewer accounts. With Windows Live Desktop, you can now check all those accounts from the desktop on your computer.

Many people will find that the layout of this email client is similar to other popular clients like Gmail. When you link multiple accounts, it will show you details about each address on the left side of the screen. You'll see the user name for that account at the top and links to your inbox, drafts, sent items, junk mail, and deleted emails beneath it. Next to each link is a small number in parentheses that shows the number of items in each one. It takes just one glance to see if you have new mail that you should read in any of those addresses.

Another great feature is the Quick Views section at the top of the page. This section shows you the number of unread items across all your accounts. You can also see the number of messages you received from registered contacts, the number of messages in all your inboxes, and whether you have any unread feeds. As with other email programs, Windows Live Desktop also lets you respond to messages and organize your messages by date, name, or other details.

Windows Live Mail Desktop sits on your desktop and sends a pop up alert each time you get a new message. That can be annoying at times, especially if you get a lot of junk mail while working. The program doesn't always sync your accounts either, which means that your regular email account may not record a message that you sent with this program. You must also have a stable internet connection to use this program. While Windows Live Mail Desktop does have a few problems, it's a great way to check multiple email accounts at the same time.


  • Syncs multiple email accounts for ease of use
  • Sends a pop up alert that informs you of new mail
  • Shows you details regarding new messages on the home screen
  • Lets you send new messages in seconds
  • Works with all Microsoft email accounts


  • Requires a stable internet connection
  • May not sync responses and messages you send with your regular account
  • Only works with registered Windows/Microsoft email accounts
  • Lacks some of the features found on other email programs
  • Must log in to each account with your registered password
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